Ocean Plastics

One of the more important emerging concerns affecting all three cornerstones of the Foundation is the plastic pollution of the oceans. Having a direct impact on nature and environment this also pose a high risk for mankind in several dimensions. The Foundation has taken a strategic decision to engage in the combat against plastic pollution of the oceans, acknowledging the absence of consensus regarding the best way forward for this quest as well as the academic disparate views on offshore versus beach cleanups etc. 

The Foundation aims at engaging on three fronts; to support research initiatives to further the understanding and dynamics of plastic pollution; to promote and facilitate clean up initiatives off-shore as well as on land; as well as working with systems of recycling where the inherent value of plastic hinders it to be introduced into the ocean and becomes a tradable commodity in itself. We are in a process of finding strong partners within the environmetal domain that shares with us this concern and wants to join forces in finding the best way forward.