A new start – Meet MetaMorph!

As some of you might know Safe Waters Foundation has had a long-standing relationship with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS). This started some 15 years ago when Safe Waters was still called National Lake Rescue Insitute, and its founder Tim de Wet joined forces with Capt. Rolf Westerström in the Board of Trustees for the International Lifeboat Federation (today the International Maritime Rescue Federation). In 2006 I joined them as a  volunteer Lake Rescue “management and development resource”. In 2011, thanks to the Postcode Lottery (Postkodslotteriet), the SSRS employed me as initially a part-time management resource to evolve into a full-time international development worker with Uganda and the Great Lakes region as a priority. Lake Rescue became Safe Waters Foundation, and Safe Waters Foundation in Sweden mirrored the organizational platform in Uganda. Great achievements, as well as brutal drawbacks, are part of the history – awesome networks and working relationships still in the present. We have been working in the region for a good 15 years, and no-one can ignore that fact, and great projects are in the pipeline.  But unfortunately the family is breaking up…

Faced with financial challenges and changes in top management the Swedish Sea Rescue Society has decided to let go of the international outreach program, and the management support to Safe Waters is directly affected. The stepchild will have to stand on its own two feet, and personally I’ll have to find an alternative source of income. Safe Waters Foundation will continue its journey, as a not for profit foundation with a clear focus to make life better for the people in the Great Lakes Region, and I’ll be there to support as much as possible.

To enable the humanitarian work, and to make the best out of a decade of East African experience coupled with another decade and a half of experience from business and research, I have given birth to MetaMorph Solutions AB. MetaMorph is a “one man” consultancy firm with the strength of 25 years of networking and relationships, of which most is international and the core is African. We can support with assessments, monitoring and evaluation, safety/security services, research, project management, second opinion analysis, asset control and liaison services. Through the network we can provide any kind of sourcing and/or logistics services on the African continent or Arabian Peninsula. A new start and exciting times ahead!

// Mattias