Man, Nature, Environment: The core mission of the Foundation is to secure, enable, and support initiatives within the fields of disaster and emergency first response, nature conservation, and environmental protection through institutional support, management, research, and direct development. Primary focus is on water side communities, acknowledging that generational change starts with the youth.

Safe Waters Foundation is a Not for Profit foundation based in Sweden with a branch office in Uganda. To be able to fund its core mission as well as to drive regional development the Foundation will be run as a social/low profit enterprise with national/regional branches if/where so required, fundraise and seek project support as well as engage in commercial activities within the designated field including maritime and aviation business, logistics, and project support. With a network approach the Foundation works with and through associated partners enabling it to find the best resources for any given task or project. Primarily the partners will be found in the NGO community, but when required also among professionals in the private sector subscribing to the social ambitions of the Foundation. This is a strategic decision aimed at reducing fixed costs and limit the organizational vulnerability, at the same time being able to muster the best team available.

Safe Waters Foundation is managed by Mattias Wengelin, PhD in Service Studies with specific focus on Maritime Safety and Security.

For more information contact mattias.wengelin(at)safe-waters.org